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Freelance Full-stack Developer from The Netherlands who focusus on writing clean and efficient code using the latest techniques. Experienced in: Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Angular, RxJs, Typescript, NodeJS, AWS, Docker and more...


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Dirk Groenen

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Honeywell API documentation

About a month ago I moved into my new home. As I wrote a month earlier I was planning to put some nice home automation in it. Right now I’ve got two running Raspberry Pis; one for the home automation (PiLight) and one for the music (Mopidy-Mopify). The home automation already has some nice features like turning on my light when I’m at home and the sun is set, as well as some scenes to watch a movie or have a ‘comfy evening’.

Building my personal home assistant - part 1

It has been almost three years ago since I’ve moved and I remember well having the intentions to create my own home assistant back then. Unfortunately duo a lack of free time it never really happened. Now, three years later, I’ve bought my own place and the interest of building a personal home assistant has come back. Luckily for me my personal situation has changed over the years and this time I probably will have enough time to spent on this project.

The next level Mopidy music client

In 2013 I moved to a new place and one of the things I definitely wanted in my new apartment was something that would enable me to control my music anywhere in the place. Of course, the first thing I thought about was Sony’s Sonos, but looking at those prices and that awful interface I almost died. Lucky as I am I’ve chosen the road of being a developer. So why not just create my own system?!